Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Queen Victoria Market MELBOURNE

Photo of  Vicki Leigh
"NEXT ROMANCE" are pleased to announce you can touch and feel a selection of handmade jewellery pieces at a monthly market stall in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.

First SUNDAY of EVERY MONTH for 2014at Queen Vic Market NORTH MELBOURNE corner PEEL ST. 9-4pm

Vicki Leigh is a contemporary jewellery artist, working primarily in polymer clay. Exploring the versatility of clay using surface treatments like print transfers and lace impressions with an emphasis on colour in contemporary and everyday adornment.
Her collection promises playful earrings in all shapes and sizes, sculptural bangles, bright statement necklaces and hand-formed clay brooches for anyone that appreciates the handmade and unique.
Vicki Leigh Jewellery is inspired by celebration, laughter, fun and friendship.
‘I think it’s really important how a woman feels when she’s wearing a piece of jewellery. It’s such a beautiful public expression. I love wearing jewellery that is fun and fashionable. It feels like your wearing a party dress everyday, in the comfort of your jeans.’

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